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Clothes Shopping with Kris, and a Skinny Jean Update

This has been a big couple of days for me.

First - I deactivated my Facebook account. (I miss it more than I thought I would, but I'm experiencing a lot of freedom, too. Plus, it's WAY too early to go back with my tail between my legs. I figure I have to display at least a bit of dignity and maturity in this. *Sigh*)

Second - and more importantly - I bought a pair of skinny jeans. I was certainly NOT foreseeing this one. I recently just talked about how I'm not sure about skinny jeans, and didn't know if I'd ever be able to wear a pair. However, the whole mom jean thing was really bugging me.

And then there were the issues with Kris' fashion. Lately, he's been talking a lot about feeling dumpy in his clothes, and needing some new jeans. Plus, I don't remember the last time we bought Kris some clothes that weren't second hand.

It was true - we looked like parents. Uh oh.

So all of this landed us at H&M on Saturday. (As a side note, I did a bit of research beforehand because I was curious to see how socially responsible H&M is with their manufacturing. Turns out, they're not bad. Certainly not as terrible as the Gap company and their subsidiaries. So that's something.) We found Kris some great jeans and a few tops. The whole experience was a lot for him. And I think the cherry on the cake was when the male change room worker said to Kris, "Oooh, I really like that shirt. I was thinking of getting that one in black." Kris' rule about fashion is as follows:

The first rule of fashion is, you do not talk about fashion.
The second rule of fashion is, you DO NOT talk about fashion.

(This rule applies to everyone other than your wife.) Kris made some comment about how his friends were going to bug him about how snug his new jeans are. Turns out, it was actually his dad. I don't think it bothered him too much. I think that falls under the fashion rule that states:

Don't take fashion advice from anyone a whole generation older than you.

And let's face it - it's probably a worse thing when our parents start liking what we wear. No matter our age.

As for me, I made the comment as we walked in the store, "I should totally try on some skinny jeans, just to see how terrible they look". I then laughed, and Kris was adamant that I actually do it. We found some right at the front of the store. I tried them on. And really kind of liked them. I came out of the change room, feeling kind of hip and young, and was met with a belly laugh from Kris when he first laid eyes on the jeans. I think my rule about fashion should be:

If an article of clothing ever elicits laughter from another human, DON'T BUY IT.

Apparently I have no self-respect when it comes to this, and instead proceeded to convince Kris how good I thought they looked. Once the laughter subsided, he said he really liked them. (He also said, "Wow, those are realllly tight on your legs!" Why did I buy them again?! Oh right, because they were $12.95 and I'm desperate not to end up one of those women who's still wearing, at 50, what was cool when she was 20. You know the type.)

So there you have it. I left H&M a brand new owner of the infamous "skinny jean". And Kris left muttering about his need to go to Wholesale Sports to restore any shred of manhood that he may have had left.

And all I have to say is: In yo' face, Mom Jean!

(Just for the record, I totally haven't had the courage to actually wear them yet. I realized that all my shoes are Mom-jean-friendly, and not so much skinny-jean-friendly. Which poses a problem. But that's for another day.)


Angela said...

Good for you on getting a pair of skinny jeans... I'm in the same boat...not sure if I should take the plunge on buying a pair. I just may have to though. Oh and about the mom shoes issue...just means you get to go shoe shopping too lol! And it is getting colder there already isn't it? BOOT SEASON!

arbyn said...

haha that's great. The first step is bringing the jeans into your house. The second step is buying rad boots :) Oh! Haha I see Angie already suggested that. Well, I'm not deleting it because I think that's the direction you should go too!

THE CHETNEY 3 said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies. :) Now, onto the boot search!

Angie - totally get a pair. They make you feel like you're 18 again! Or, like you're 9 again. Either way.

Claire said...

This made me laugh the whole way through. Leah and I keep talking about the skinny jean thing since reading it here and at first I was in total denial that I wear mom jeans, but I have come to the very sad conclusion that you are right. I am so not ready to take the plunge. Good for you, I bet you like hip and hot!

Claire said...

you look hip and hot - not like hip and hot.

Claire said...

p.s. I tried on a pair of running tights tonight and got the worst look from Matt, so I don't think skinny jeans are in my near future.

THE CHETNEY 4 said...

Claire - LOL! I'd love to say that skinny jeans are nothing like running tights... but I DO feel the similarity when I wear them!

I tried the skinnies again this morning - still couldn't do it. *sigh*

P.S. I'd love to see Matt's look. I can only imagine. :)

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