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My Kitchen Gadget Rant

I generally try to stay away from rants.  I think the main reason is that if I were to get into writing them, that's quite possibly all I'd do.

But I need to get something off of my chest.  Something really big and serious.

I hate kitchen tools.  Mostly the ones that serve just one, very specific purpose.

Rice cookers.  Sandwich makers.  Electric latte whisks.  Chicken pullers.  Melon ballers.  Deep fryers.  Apple cutters.  Electric can openers.  (Okay, the last example is pretty 80s, but it still illustrates my point.)

I can replace each of those things with a tool I already have.  Here goes:

Pot.  Frying pan.  Regular whisk (and a quick hand).  2 forks.  Spoon (and some appropriate wrist action).  Pot filled with hot oil.  Paring knife.  Regular can opener.  (Are you noticing the versatility of a simple pot?!)

I have a very tiny kitchen.  Sometimes it annoys me.  But it forces me to be minimalistic (which I like), and reminds me to be content with what I have, because in some areas of the world, an entire family would live in a space the size if my little kitchen.  So, that being said, I have no room (or time) for specialty kitchen items.

Over time, I have been given many kitchen gadgets.  I have donated almost all of them to the thrift store.  Someone, I'm sure, is thoroughly enjoying my rice cooker.  I, however, am enjoying my pot and lid.  Besides, a pot doesn't have a cord.  (Have I ever told you about the time I burned my slow cooker cord in half?  I think I'll post about that tomorrow.  In fact, I may include a few a lot of examples of how I'm an utter safety hazard in the kitchen.)  

I like things that are multi-functional.  If it serves one purpose, it's gone.

Now, the things that are exempt from this rant are as follows:

  • Waffle makers (because nothing else can make those little squares).
  • Orange peelers (because my husband has tender fingertips and loves this apparatus - plus, it's super small)
  • Coffee maker (because we love our coffee around here, and I like the thermal pot)
What overly-specific kitchen gadget do you hate (or love)?



Silly Doodah said...

I like minimalism too. When I got married (at 39) this year, my husband and I had two households worth of stuff to sort through. He kept his rice cooker (I like pot and lid myself, but we do make lots of rice, so I'm cool with that.) I kept - just for fun - the ice cream maker. :) We live down the street from an ice creamery, but I don't care, there is something about homemade peach ice cream on an August evening... (Found you from Tonia's site, and am enjoying your blog.)

Avey said...

How did an orange peeler not make your list of crazy kitchen gadgets???
I agree with almost everything you wrote except for the apple cutter. I LOVE my apple cutter.

I also have a poky thing that allows you to cut meat without touching it - also love it.

When we got married we got an apple peeler/slicer. It's the craziest thing, takes up a ton of space, has never been used, but for some reason Mark loves it and won't let me get rid of it.

You may have motivated me to go through my kitchen and get rid of some of the stuff we have but is never used.

Angela said...

Well having moved and gotten rid of EVERYTHING I had, and I had a set up kitchen...I am finding that I do miss some gadgets definitely. My electric hand mixer-mainly for when it comes to baking; and my crockpot. Everything else I don't miss really. We did get a coffee maker even though I'm the only one that drinks coffee in this house and a food processor. We lived without a microwave here for 9 months. The only thing we use it for is to reheat food-which is really annoying to do on a stove! So I'm glad we got one of those finally too. I don't miss out deep fryer really or my blender.

todaywas said...

LOL Sarah - we actually have that tomato machine you pictured! We can 100's of jars of tomato produts in the summer (sauce, pizza sauce, tomato juice, etc.) and it is such a time saver. That being said we didn't have a coffee machine until my husband got the old one from work for when we have company just this year- after 12 years without one - so each to their own I guess! And I agree with you in principal - our single use gadgets include said tomato machine and waffle maker. Otherwise I am all about things that do multi jobs :)

Sarah C said...

Silly Doodah - Mmm... I agree about the ice cream! Glad you found me, especially through Tonia! Welcome!

Avey - the orange peeler is the size of a pen, so it's pretty small. :) The apple cutter actually would be kind of nice... I cut a LOT of apples around here!

Angie - isn't it funny what we can do without? And how it's different for everyone? We moved our microwave to the laundry room (because of space issues) and I use it once every month or two. Crazy!

Leah - Haha! Hopefully the photo didn't offend, then! What I love is how something can be totally useful to one person, and not worth another's time! :) And I think everyone has to have a few gadgets they can't do without. (The funny thing is, I'd love to make my own sauces... so I may very well be eating my words soon!)

Claire said...

oh Sarah, you make me laugh. If your rants are all going to be this funny, I say, rant away. :)

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