Friday, May 20, 2011 |

Our First Race

I've been meaning to talk about how our 8k Ole's Spring Run-Off went a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe you remember me talking about it when I first started running again.

It was awesome.  Kris ended up joining me, and some really good friends from the city came out to run it with us too.  I was really glad for the company.  

The run was not particularly easy, but it was not necessarily grueling either.  There were lots of rolling hills, and one quite steep one at about the half way mark.  I've been doing a lot of incline training, and Kris can't let his wife beat him, so we ended up being able to pass a few people that we were following on that hill.  It felt great.  

What didn't feel so great was my intense urge to use the washroom the entire time.  In both... ahem... ways.  I evacuated my bladder before starting the race, but all of my hydrating (okay, AND the cup of coffee) filled it right back up.  I spent the entire run feeling pretty uncomfortable, and I had to pass up the opportunity to rehydrate at the water station because there was no way I could fit more fluid in me.  

Anyways, here we are, starting out:

We didn't pass this man...

...or this woman...

... until kilometre 6.  They were machines.  

And, Ole himself...

... because you can't have a race without some random mascot to commemorate it.

We certainly didn't come out on top (the winning time was around 26 minutes - which is insane and kind of annoying), but we didn't come in last.  We ran it in just over 51 minutes, beating our trial run time a few weeks before by a couple of minutes.

And we beat the seniors.  Barely.  :)

Here we are coming in to the finished line:

We did it.  We finished it.  And we didn't stop.  (Not even to use the washroom!)